A closer look into Louis Vuitton shoe factory

Let me introduce you the top secret LV shoe factory in Italy, Fiesso d’Artico outside of Venice. Venice have a long history of shoemaking and many designers produce the shoes in region, but only Louis Vuitton has builts its own factory, which called workshop. This modern eco-building have many solarpanels, there is natural light everywhere, the rainwater is collected and recycled. As first impressions go, the structure’s slabbed walls and steel fittings, high-end art -the giant shoe sculptures and Warhol’s original drawings hanging on the walls.

More then 620 artisans are deeply involved in every step of the the shoemaking process include design and creation, sewing, lasting, finishing and modeling. Every piece is unique and handmade to the highest standard, it’s passes through many quality checks before they are ready to send off. There is a special laboratory where the effects of thousands of steps are replicated to see how a leather holds up to wear, the sole is checked for durability, the resilience of a shoe is tested against extreme climates.

Let’s take a spin around!

Photos by Iassen Vassilev, Wingsofstyle


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