PFW: Arnhem Masters in Fashion I Lisa Förster

Some of the most fun and interesting presentations of Paris Fashion Week were by Arnhem Masters in Fashion at Atelier Neerlandais. The new generation of Arnhem Masters – Lisa Förster, Hee Kim, Simeon Morris and Sunna Örlygsdóttir have presented their amazing work, during intimate salon sessions en petite comite to a team of leading international experts, representing the fast field of fashion and beyond.

Lisa Förster was born in Engelskirchen, Germany (1990). She will graduate from the ArtEZ Masters in Fashion in June 2016. Before she came to The Netherlands she did an internship at Steven Tai Studio in London, studied at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan and completed the Bachelor of Arts at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier, Germany.

“What if your garment remembers the first movement you have made in it, the first moment the garment embraced your body?”

The collection WARDROBE ONE is about the exclusive relationship you enter with your clothes. It is about the intimate exchange that only you can have – a secret confidential moment you will forever own. You may found a secret knitted waistband inside your pants that extends into a transperent knit detail. Such subtle elements increase the wearing comfort and add a functional layer to the piece.

In her work, Lisa Förster combines hand-finished manufacturing with the conception of urban active wear. Striped knitwear details worn as accessories allow cross-combinations amongst the entire collection.

In the gallery below you can see the stunning, pastel-colored palette collection:

Merci beaucoup to my parisien friend Marine Miquel for the very chic rendez-vous!

Stay tuned for our exclusive designer meetings at Atelier Neerlandais.



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