PFW: Arnhem Masters in Fashion I Sunna Örlygsdóttir

Meeting participants goes on and now its time to introduce you Sunna Örlygsdóttir. She was born in Reykjavík, Iceland in 1988. Before graduating with a BA in fashion design from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2012, she studied at Skals Håndarbejdsskole in Skals, Denmark. She will graduate from the ArtEZ Fashion Masters, Arnhem, in 2016.

What happens when one year and ten days is spent in solitude? What do I bring and how do I choose? What do I wear? How do I deal with the limitations of this scenario> Will it give me freedom to be so far away from fashion and the gaze ot others? How do I dress when I only dress for myself?

The answers are in this eclectic and extremely good collection.

Sunna proposed a new wardrobe based on her grand illusions of a grate fashion escape. The collection is fundamentally a wardrobe – reflecting at once a sense of immediacy and indulgence. Objects transformed bearing witness to the state of mind of the wearer.


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